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Your Kids Often Eat Food, This Is The Solution

Children eating habits often make parents annoyed and worried. If left unchecked, this habit can damage his teeth and increase the risk of choking, even fearing can reduce the amount of nutritional intake. However, don't worry too much, Mother. There are several ways you can do so that children no longer eat food. These methods can also make your Little One's mealtime a always-awaited moment. Possible Causes of Children Eating Food Without realizing it, the habits of the Little Kids mengemut food often caused by parents, you know. For example, when parents give too much food at once in one bite. This is because usually parents are only oriented to the amount of food provided. Though perhaps this amount has exceeded the ability of the mouth of the Little One to collect and chew food. In addition to parental habits, the habit of eating food in children can also be caused by things that interfere with his concentration to eat. For example, cartoons on television, gadgets,
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Know the Causes and Ways to Overcome a Child's Late Walking

The first step of the Little One is one important stage of development that must have been eagerly awaited by Mother and Father. If children are late walking, parents will certainly feel worried. Come on, find out the causes and how to overcome them. Generally, children have started to stand up and take the first step at the age between 8-18 months. At this age, children will walk by creeping on the items in their surroundings. Possible Causes of Children Walking Late Delay in walking in children is usually caused by the following things: Mother has an infection during pregnancy Premature birth Too often carried Suffers from serious illness Having congenital physical abnormalities Nutritional deficiencies Maturity of the motor system is too late The habit of using a baby walker Parents should check the child's condition to the doctor if they reach the age of 18 months the child can not walk, the child only walks with his toes (tiptoe), movement of one foot is differ

The Importance of Protecting Eyes from UV Rays

Not many people realize that the eye is an organ that is vulnerable to damage. One threat to eye damage that is often overlooked is UV exposure. Therefore, it is important to protect the eyes to prevent diseases, ranging from cataracts to eye cancer. Ultraviolet (UV) light is one of the main causes of injury due to radiation to the human eye. Most of this beam radiation is absorbed by the cornea. Similar to skin damage due to sunburn, this damage is caused by the accumulation of light radiation on the corneal epithelium. Exposure to high-intensity UV light, such as sunlight, halogen lamps, and lights in a photo studio can directly cause serious damage to the eye. Not only in high intensity, excessive daily exposure to UV radiation in the long term can also cause various abnormalities in the eye, and even increase the risk of cataracts and eye cancer. What happens to the eye when looking at high-intensity light Long-term exposure to UV radiation can cause retinal damage. For examp